Welcome to the alThaqalayn web site. Our goal is to propagate the precious words, and the rich culture, of the Noble Wilāyah for entire human race in the world.                                                                  One Lord (Allāh), One Dīn (Divinity), and One Wilāyah (World-Law).                                                                  Verily, I leave among you two invaluable things (ath-Thaqalyn): The Book of Allāh, and my household, my Ahl al-Bayt.

Imām al-Riḍā ▧:

May Allāh ◣ shower mercy upon an obedient who has revived our cause.  The Imām was asked “how could one revive your cause”?  He replied: by learning about our knowledge, and making it known to [other] people.  People would indeed follow us if they knew about the virtue of our words.

 Book No. 25, v.1, p.180

Imām al-Ḥusayn ▧:

Verily, the love of us, Ahl al- Bayt, sheds sins off an individual, just as a strong wind sheds leaves off the tree.

Book No. 3, v. 27, p. 77, h. 9, c. 4.

Imām al-Bāqir ▧:

A believer can escalate to highest degree of belief with prudent study of our narration.

Book No. 3, v. 1, p. 106, h. 2, c. 3.

Ḥaḍrat Fāṭimah Zahrā ▨:

We, Ahl al-Bayt, are the intermediaries in His Creation, we are His favourites, and the descending point of divinities, and we are His final Proof of His unseen world, and we are inheritors of His prophets.

The Fatimiyyeh Sahifah, p.174

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العَقْلُ وَ الجَهْلُ
عقل و جهل



الْنّاسُ أعداءُ مَا جَهِلُوا.

مردم دشمن آنچه كه نمى دانند هستند.

People are enemies of what they are ignorant about [1] .

[1] - There is a brief description of this ḥadith framed in the Introduction.  Dont miss it.

    Al-Imām Ali (a.s.) : Book No. 1, No. 438


اَلْعَقْلُ وَ الشَّهْوَةُ ضِدّانِ وَ مُويِّدُ الْعَقْلِ الْعِلْمُ وَ مُزَيِّنُ الشَّهْوَةِ اْلهَوى. وَالنَّفْسُ مُتَنازِعَةٌ بَيْنَهُما. فَاَيُّهُما قَهَرَ كانَتْ فى جانِبِهِ.

عقل و شهوت ضدّ يكديگرند؛ علم پشتيبان عقل، و هوس زينت كننده‏ى شهوت است.  و نفس انسان محل تنازع اين دو است؛ هر كدام كه غالب آمد نفس هم به همان طرف مى رود .

Intellect and lust are opposite to one another; knowledge supports the intellect, and empty desires flourish the lust.  The inner self, under the attacks of these forces, tends to follow the commanding one .

Al-Imām Ali (a.s.) : Book No. 2, p. 53, No. 448


اَلْعاقِلُ يَجْتَهِدُ فى عَمَلِهِ وَ يُقَصِّرُ مِنْ اَمَلِهِ.

خردمند در عملش تلاش فراوان مى كند و از آرزوهايش مى­كاهد.

The intelligent endeavors in his efforts, and abates his desires .

Al-Imām Ali (a.s.): Book No. 2, P. 54, No. 466


اَلْجاهِلُ مَن يَعْتَمِدُ عَلى اَمَلِهِ وَ يُقَصِّرُ فى عَمَلِهِ.

بى خرد به آرزوهايش دل مى‏بندد و از عملش مى كاهد.

The ignorant relies upon his desires, and abates his efforts .

Al-Imām Ali(a.s.) :   Book No. 2, P. 73, No. 1090


مِنْ اَخلاقِ الْجاهِلِ اَلاِجابَةُ قَبْلَ اَنْ يَسْمَعَ وَ الْمُعارَضَةُ قَبْلَ اَنْ يَفْهَمَ وَ الْحُكْمُ بِما لايَعْلَمُ.

از خلقيات جاهل اين است:  پاسخگوئى پيش از آنكه بشنود و مخالفت قبل از آنكه بفهمد و قضاوت در آنچه نمى داند.

It is the ethics of the ignorant to answer before he hears, to oppose before he understands, and to judge about what he does not know .

Al-Imām ādiq (a.s.) :   Book No. 3, v.2, c.12, h. 4, p. 62


اَلْجَهلُ اَصلُ كُلِ شَرٍّ.

جهل ريشه هر بدى است.

Ignorance is the root of all evils .

Al-Imām Ali (a.s.) : Book No. 2, P. 73, h. 1096


لا تَرَى الْجَاهِلَ اِلاَّ مُفْرِطاً أَوْ مُفَرِّطا

بى خرد را نمى بينى جز در حال افراط يا تفريط.

You will not find an ignorant but at one extreme or the other .

Al-Imām Ali (a.s.) : Book No. 1, No. 70


عِنْدَ بَديْهَةِ الْمَقالِ تُخْتَبَرُ عُقوْلُ الرِّجالِ.

در گفتار هاى ناگهانى ) فى البداهة ( عقل افراد سنجيده ميشود.

Peoples intellect is tested in extemporaneous expressions.

Al-Imām Ali (a.s.) : Book No. 2, P. 209, No.4031


اَحْسَنُ الْعَقْلِ مَا اكْتُسِبَ بِهِ الْجَنَّةُ وَ طُلِبَ بِهِ رِضا الرَّحمن.

بهترين عقل آنستكه با آن بهشت كسب شود و نيز به وسيله ى آن رضايت ) خداوند ( رحمان خواسته شود.

The finest intellect [i] is that with which the paradise is earned, and with which satisfaction of the Compassionate (Allāh (J.J.) ) is sought

[i] - Please note that this is different from the intellect known to most people for worldly matters.  The temporal and physical world should be employed as the means of gaining prosperity for the permanent and spiritual residence (the next world).


Prophet Muhammad(phhp) : Book No. 4, P. 442


اَلْعاقِلُ يَعْتَمِدُ عَلى عَمَلِه وَ الْجاهِلُ يَعْتَمِدُ عَلى اَمَلِه.

خردمند به عمل خود تكيه مى كند و نادان به آرزويش.

The intelligent relies on his efforts, and the ignorant relies upon his wishes [i] .

[i] - Wishes do not make dishes .


  Al-Imām Ali (a.s.): Book No. 2, p. 151, No.2781

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