Welcome to the alThaqalayn web site. Our goal is to propagate the precious words, and the rich culture, of the Noble Wilāyah for entire human race in the world.                                                                  One Lord (Allāh), One Dīn (Divinity), and One Wilāyah (World-Law).                                                                  Verily, I leave among you two invaluable things (ath-Thaqalyn): The Book of Allāh, and my household, my Ahl al-Bayt.

Imām al-Riḍā ▧:

May Allāh ◣ shower mercy upon an obedient who has revived our cause.  The Imām was asked “how could one revive your cause”?  He replied: by learning about our knowledge, and making it known to [other] people.  People would indeed follow us if they knew about the virtue of our words.

 Book No. 25, v.1, p.180

Imām al-Ḥusayn ▧:

Verily, the love of us, Ahl al- Bayt, sheds sins off an individual, just as a strong wind sheds leaves off the tree.

Book No. 3, v. 27, p. 77, h. 9, c. 4.

Imām al-Bāqir ▧:

A believer can escalate to highest degree of belief with prudent study of our narration.

Book No. 3, v. 1, p. 106, h. 2, c. 3.

Ḥaḍrat Fāṭimah Zahrā ▨:

We, Ahl al-Bayt, are the intermediaries in His Creation, we are His favourites, and the descending point of divinities, and we are His final Proof of His unseen world, and we are inheritors of His prophets.

The Fatimiyyeh Sahifah, p.174

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السَخاوَةُ وَ الشُّحُ

سخاوت و بخل



السَّخاءُ يُمَحِّصُ الذُّنُوبَ، وَ يَجْلِبُ مَحَبَّةَ الْقُلُوب.

سخاوت گناهان را از بين مى برد و محبت دلها را جلب ميكند.

Generosity clears away wrong deeds and attracts loving kindness of the hearts .

Al-Imām ʿAli (a.s.): Book No. 2, p. 378, h. 8524


الْبَخيلُ مَنْ يَبْخَلُ بِالسَّلامِ.

بخيل كسى است كه از سلام كردن بُخل بورزد.

The stingy is one who is reluctant to say sal ā m [1] .

[1] - This shows the importance of greeting with sal ā m in the world of Isl ā m . 


Al-Imām Ṣādiq (a.s.): Book No. 7, v.2, p. 645, h.6


الْشُّحُ فَقَرٌ وَ الَّسخاءُ غِنْى.

بخل فقر است و سخاوت بى نيازى است.

Stinginess is poverty, and generosity is needlessness (richness) .

Al-Imām Ḥusayn (a.s.) : Book No. 26, p. 72


... و آفَةُ السَّخَاءِ المَنُّ ...

... و آفت سَخاوت منّت نهادن است ...

 ... And the failure of generosity is putting burden upon the receiver ...

Prophet Muḥammad (ph&hp): Book No. 22, v. 2, p. 416


قِيلَ لَهُ « أىْ لِلإمامِ المجتبى (ع) » مَا الشُح؟  قَالَ:  أَنْ تَرَى مَا فِى يَدَكَ شَرَفاً وَ مَا أنفَقَتَهُ تَلَفاً.

از حضرت امام حسن مجتبى(ع)  سئوال شد بخل چيست؟ فرمودند:  آنچه در تملك دارى شرف بدانى و آنچه انفاق كنى تلف شمارى.

Al-Im ā m Ḥasan [al-Mujtbā] (a.s.) was asked what is stinginess?  He said:  to regard as rank and glory, what you keep in possession, and as loss and waste, what you pay out in charity.

Al-Imām Ḥasan (a.s.): Book No. 10, p. 225


السَّخَاءُ شَجَرَةٌ فِي الْجَنَّةِ أَغْصَانُهَا فِي الدُّنْيَا فَمَنْ تَعَلَّقَ بِغُصْنٍ مِنْهَا أَدَّتْهُ إِلَى الْجَنَّةِ وَ الْبُخْلُ شَجَرَةٌ فِي النَّارِ أَغْصَانُهَا فِي الدُّنْيَا فَمَنْ تَعَلَّقَ بِغُصْنٍ مِنْ أَغْصَانِهَا أَدَّتْهُ إِلَى النَّارِ.

سخاوت درختى است در بهشت كه شاخه هاى آن در دنيا است.  هركس به آن آويزان شود او را به بهشت مى برند.  و بخل درختى است در جهنم كه شاخه هاى آن در دنيا است.  هر كس به آن آويزان شود او را به جهنم مى برند.

Generosity is a tree in the heavens, whose branches are in this world.  He who hangs on to a branch of this tree shall be led to the paradise.  And stinginess is a tree in the hell, whose branches are in this world.  He who hangs on to a branch of this tree shall be led to the hell .

Al-Imām Kāẓim (a.s.): Book No. 9, v.7, p. 15, h. 6-7513


العقلُ شَجَرَةٌ ثَمَرُها الحَياءُ و السَّخاءُ.

عقل درختى است كه ميوه آن حيا و سخاوت است.

Intellect is a tree its fruit is bashfulness and generosity .

Al-Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 2, p. 257, h. 5436

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