Welcome to the alThaqalayn web site. Our goal is to propagate the precious words, and the rich culture, of the Noble Wilāyah for entire human race in the world.                                                                  One Lord (Allāh), One Dīn (Divinity), and One Wilāyah (World-Law).                                                                  Verily, I leave among you two invaluable things (ath-Thaqalyn): The Book of Allāh, and my household, my Ahl al-Bayt.

Imām al-Riḍā ▧:

May Allāh ◣ shower mercy upon an obedient who has revived our cause.  The Imām was asked “how could one revive your cause”?  He replied: by learning about our knowledge, and making it known to [other] people.  People would indeed follow us if they knew about the virtue of our words.

 Book No. 25, v.1, p.180

Imām al-Ḥusayn ▧:

Verily, the love of us, Ahl al- Bayt, sheds sins off an individual, just as a strong wind sheds leaves off the tree.

Book No. 3, v. 27, p. 77, h. 9, c. 4.

Imām al-Bāqir ▧:

A believer can escalate to highest degree of belief with prudent study of our narration.

Book No. 3, v. 1, p. 106, h. 2, c. 3.

Ḥaḍrat Fāṭimah Zahrā ▨:

We, Ahl al-Bayt, are the intermediaries in His Creation, we are His favourites, and the descending point of divinities, and we are His final Proof of His unseen world, and we are inheritors of His prophets.

The Fatimiyyeh Sahifah, p.174

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الدنيا و الاخرة

دنیا و آخرت



مَنْ اَصْلَحَ اَمْرَ آخِرَتِهِ اَصْلَحَ اللهُ لَهُ اَمْرَ دُنْياهُ.

  هركس‌ كه‌ كار آخرت‌ خويش‌ رااصلاح‌ كند، خداوند متعال‌ كار دنيايش‌ را اصلاح‌ خواهد كرد.

AlmightyAllāhshall improve the affairs of this world for one who improves the affairs ofhis future worlds.

 Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 1, No. 89.


زَخارِفُ الدُّنْيا تُفْسِدُ الْعُقوُلَ الضَّعيفَةَ.

  زيب‌ و زيور دنيا، عقلهای‌ ضعيف‌ را تباه‌ می ‌سازد.

Worldly flamboyance corrupts the week intellects.

 Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 2, p. 65, h. 856.


اَلدُّنْيا ظِلٌ زائِلٌ.

  دنيا سايه‌ ايست‌ زود گذر.

This world is a shadow, vanishing soon.

 Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 2, p. 134, h. 2314.


اَلدُّنْيا مُنْيَةُ الاَشْقِياءِ.

  دنيا منتهی‌ آرزوی‌ بدبختان‌ است‌.

  دنيا منتهی‌ آرزوی‌ بدبختان‌ است‌.

This world is the ultimate desire of the wretched.

Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 2, p. 142, h. 2536.


اِنَّماَ الدُّنْيا كالسَّمِّ يَاْكُلُهُ مَنْ لا يَعْرِفُهُ.

  جز این نیست كه‌ دنيا مانند زهريست‌ كه‌ هركه‌ آن‌ را نشناسد ميخورد.

Verily, this world is like a poison, eaten by anyone who does not know it.

 Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 18, p. 110, h. 8.


عَبْدُ الدُّنْيا مُوَبَّدُ اَلْفِتْنَةِ وَ الْبَلاءِ.

  بنده‌ دنيا هميشه‌ در فتنه‌ و گرفتاری‌ است‌.

A slave of this world is always in sedition and calamity.

 Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 2, p. 137, h. 2406


الدُّنْيَا مَزْرَعَةُ الْآخِرَة .

دنیا مزرعه آخرت است (هرچه در آن بکاریم همان را درو میکنیم)

This world is a farmland for the ākhirah (eventually you will reap what you have sown in this farm)

Prophet Muḥammad (ph&hp):  Book No. 13, v.1, p. 183.


حَرْثُ الاخِرَةِ الْعَمَلُ الصّالِحُ وَحَرثُ الدُّنْيا اَلْمالُ وَالْبَنوُنَ.

  كشت‌ آخرت‌ عمل‌ صالح‌ و كشت‌ دنيا مال‌ و فرزندانند.

  Performing righteous deed is your sowing for the next world, while your wealth andprogeny are your plantings for this world.

Prophet Muḥammad (ph&hp):  Book No. 3, v. 74, p. 83, h. 3, c. 4.


اَلدُّنْيا دَارُ مَمَرُّ لا دارُ مَقَرّ.

  دنيا جای‌ عبور است‌ نه‌ جای اقامت‌.

This world is a place for transit, not a place to stay.

Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 1, No. 133.


اِنَّمَا الدُّنْيا دارُ مَجازٍ وَالاخِرَةُ دَارُ قَرارٍ فَخُذُوا مِنْ مَمَرِّكُمْ لِمَقَرِّكُمْ.

  جز این نیست که دنيا منزل‌ گذران‌ و آخرت‌ مقّر جاودان‌ است‌ پس‌، از گذرگاه‌ خويش‌، برای قرارگاه‌ خود، توشه‌ برداريد.

Certainly, this world is a place for passing, while the next world is a place of abode.  So,take provisions from your transit world to your permanent abode.

 Imām ʿAli (a.s.):  Book No. 6, No. 203.

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